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The Taboos of Leadership, by Anthony F. Smith
“Dr. Tony Smith has a unique ability to take the theories and history of leadership and turn them into practical application. His in-depth knowledge and perspective enabled me to understand where my leadership skills were successful, and importantly where they were not. I was lucky to have had Tony as a teacher for so many years. He gave me a deep understanding of what motivated people and how I could be most effective, and he has done the same here in this novel book. I am luckier today to call him friend.”
—Joseph D. Gutman, Managing Director, Grosvenor Capital Management; former Senior Managing Director, Goldman Sachs

“Tony Smith gives us a refreshing look at the reality, not the rhetoric of leadership. Great lessons for today’s leaders and those who want to be leaders.”
—Jerome C. Vascellero, Partner, the Texas Pacific Group and Director Emeriti, McKinsey and Company, Inc.

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The Taboos of Leadership, by Anthony F. SmithThe Taboos of Leadership
10 Secrets No One Will Tell You About Leaders and What They Really Think

by Anthony F. Smith

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Painful, touchy, intimate, difficult-to-discuss, and politically incorrect taboos of leadership are the subject of this book. By holding them up to the light, judging them for good or bad, exposing their myths, and revealing their underlying truths, Smith creates a helpful and instructive description of leadership that will benefit leaders, their followers, and those who aspire to become one or both.

Thousands of books have been written on leadership, but too many have confused the biography of the “leader” for the act of “leadership.” We talk about Servant Leadership, Leading with Heart, Leading with Soul, Leading Quietly, and the Art of Leadership. Unfortunately, for those who want more than just inspiration, and learn the real truth regarding leadership, little has been written. Smith claims it’s high time to expose the truth, and talk about the importance of power, intelligence, self-centeredness, political gamesmanship, double standards, insecurity, arrogance, competitive fire, women as leaders, and manipulation.

Leadership is one of the toughest roles anyone will ever play. We owe it to those who do it, and those who want to understand what it takes to do it, a book like The Taboos of Leadership!

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May 2007
Published by Jossey-Bass Publishers
hardcover / 208 pages
ISBN13: 978-0787995829
ISBN10: 0-7879-9582-7


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The Taboos of Leadership
by Anthony Smith

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