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The Taboos of Leadership, by Anthony F. Smith
“Peter Drucker said, ‘I observe what is visible, but not yet seen,’ and that’s what Tony Smith does in The Taboos of Leadership. In a world where leadership books all start to sound alike, this one stands out!”
—Marshall Goldsmith, Author of Leader of the Future and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

“Tony Smith is a keen observer who gets to the heart of leadership challenges and approaches. I especially appreciate that someone with his insight also has the courage to reveal the truth of leadership in this refreshing book.”
—George Bodenheimer, President, ESPN and ABC Sports; Co-Chairman, Disney Media Networks

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6 C's of Credibility

Influence used to largely be a function of position. Today, our understanding of the leadership process veers away from the ideas of positional power, authority, manipulation, and coercion. Instead, we now believe that influence occurs when leaders build and use their credibility. Real leadership, in other words, transpires when people choose to follow their leaders because they are seen as credible.

According to author Tony Smith and the Leadership Research Institute (LRI), of which he is Co-Founder and Managing Director, leadership credibility is based on six dimensions:

1. Conviction. The passion and commitment the leader demonstrates toward his or her vision.

2. Character. Consistent demonstration of integrity, honesty, respect, and trust.

3. Care. Demonstration of concern for the personal and professional well-being of others.

4. Courage. Willingness to stand up for one’s beliefs, challenge others, admit mistakes, and change one’s own behavior when necessary.

5. Composure. Consistent display of appropriate emotional reactions, particularly in tough or crisis situations.

6. Competence. Proficiency in hard skills, such as technical, functional, and content expertise skills, and soft skills, such as interpersonal, communication, team, and organizational skills.

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The Taboos of Leadership
by Anthony Smith

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