Anthony F. Smith
The Taboos of Leadership, by Anthony Smith
The Taboos of Leadership, by Anthony Smith
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“This may be the most honest book on leadership to date.”
—Larry Probst III, CEO, Electronic Arts

“Those who write about leadership are sometimes hesitant to face the truth or acknowledge the messy stuff that fills up a leader's day...Tony hasn't shied away from any of that...this may be the first non-fiction book about leadership that I've encountered.”
—Steven M. Bornstein, CEO, NFL Media and former President, ESPN and ABC Television

“For those of us who have led big companies, we rarely find those on the ‘outside’ who understand the real challenges of leadership. Tony Smith is one of those rare individuals who has made it his life study to understand what it really takes to lead. This book is filled with insight, strategies, and compelling examples of the challenges we all face as leaders.”
—Robert C. Nakasone, retired CEO, Toys “R” Us

The Taboos of Leadership, by Anthony F. Smith
In his groundbreaking new book, The Taboos of Leadership: 10 Secrets No One Will Tell You About Leaders and What They Really Think, Anthony F. Smith, Co-Founder and a Managing Director of Leadership Research Institute, discloses the 10 most guarded secrets that no leader wants to discuss -- even with their closest colleagues.

The Taboos of Leadership breaks the silence on the secrets that leaders can’t address publicly for fear of losing power, self-respect, or their jobs because they run counter to everything we’re taught these days about good leadership. This book deals head-on with the truth about such forbidden concepts as:

  • The Pull of Charisma (Yes, it matters.)
  • Nepotism and Favoritism (Sorry, it makes sense sometimes.)
  • Blatant Self-Interest (As long as it’s good for the company.)
  • The Double Standard of Executive Pay (And why they deserve the huge pay packages.)
  • Avoiding Succession Planning and/or Refusing to Give-up the Reins (Wouldn’t you?)
  • Why Women Make Better Leaders Than Men (When they’re willing to do what it takes.)



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The Taboos of Leadership
by Anthony Smith

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